I have been taking 2-4 vicodin HP for the last three years. Doctor prescribed, never at work, but the pain due to arthritis and various surgeries’ is, well, a pain. For a variety of reasons, I have decided to stop the medication and re-asses the pain level. I did about a month of research prior to stopping the meds and used the Thomas recipe (without the prescription stuff). I stopped six days ago and from what I have read about withdrawal consider myself fortunate as aside from a headache (which is now gone), one day of diarrhea, (fixed with Imodium) and very light insomnia and RLS, I feel great. God is good to me. So here is my (after the fact) question: Is cold turkey detox from vicodin “physically” damaging? I’ve read all the relapse overdose stuff but I still have the vicodin sitting on a shelf, I look at it every day and I just leave it sitting there. I have seen sites listing results from cold turkey ranging from psychosis to death….. Then I find they are selling a detox program so they have a dog in the fight to deter people from going cold turkey. I’m interested in your opinions. If possible, I would like medically substantiated (provide links if possible) research. Like I said above, this is an after the fact “fact finding” mission, but as an information junkie, I just want to know. Thank you in advance to all.