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Is anyone thinking of doing the new telaprivir combo treatment for HCV when the FDA approves it?

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angelo2122 4 Jan 2011

I never treated before but I'm thinking about it. If my liver is still OK I may try and wait a few more years until the interferon is replaced with something else or a longer acting interferon.

bonniecna 20 Jan 2011

I was treated with Intron-A before they even had the Peg-interferon combo with Ribaviron. Couldn't handle the side efects so, in agreement with my dr, I stopped taking it. That was at least 13 years ago. Peg-interferon is longer-acting than just Interferon.
My liver enzymes went back to normal and have been until this past Nov.
I had a second Biopsy(the first was 10 years ago) and there was stage 2 inflammation but no fibrosis(scar tissue).
My Dr.suggested I wait to start any treatment until the new med is approved by the FDA. He said that studies are showing that the "cure rate" is supposed to be quite high.And I mean CLEARING the body of the virus!!
I pray it is the answer we've been looking for.
I will try it even if the side effects are tough.
P.S. Let me reassure anyone who has any doubt... HCV is NOT sexually transmitted. My husband of 13 years has no sign of the virus. free discount card

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