I previously took Lexapro for depression and it worked wonders for me. After a couple of years I eventually weaned off of it. Well, I found myself slipping back into the depressed state mid year 2010 and, since I have non-diabetic neuropathy in my feet, my doctor thought we could kill 2 birds with one stone so she prescribed CYMBALTA. I started at 30 (which didn't do much for me) so my dosage was increased to 60. I'm no longer depressed but it hasn't helped with the neuropathy very much at all. However, my main problem is that I started getting major diarrhea at the end of November and it still hasn't let up. This is really effecting my life on a daily basis. (I had a colonoscopy last summer so I know my bowel is ok.) I called my doctor today and she said diarrhea was not a side effect - constipation was. I told her I read a list of side effects on the Net and 10% of the patients do experience diarrhea. Anyway, she wants me to start taking 30 mg again for two weeks to see if that makes a difference. Has anyone else had this side effect?