I'd like to hear from anyone who is using or has used the Butrans Patch? How effective has it been for your pain, and at what dose you needed? I know that typically everyone is started at the lowest dose, but so far everyone has had to go to the highest dose. Several people have also complained that the company should make an even higher dose, or that they should be allowed to change it every 4 days, rather than every 7 days.

I also want to know if you were given something for break through pain? What were you given and how well it works? The big concern is the opiate in Butrans has the capability to block other opiates almost completely. The opiate, Buprenorphine, when used in higher doses causes this problem. So I'm hoping someone here has been on the patch since it was invented and can shed some light on this?


Is a wee Irish Rose reading this.

I hope we get some answers here. I surely miss the smiles ye put on me face.