mostly nerve pain in my feet and some anxiety issues. I have been on Pristiq for over 1 yr. It has been terrific for pain. The troublesome side effects in my case have been during the day I am a hyper mess. I also have very very dry mouth. I talk too much, cannot focus, this drug seems to be too activating for me. Too bad I cannot channel this energy in a positive way but I turn in circles. I have been very patient but today my dr. decided lets try something else. I have been described the dosing pack of Lamictal?? I took 25mg tonight, tomorrow night Pristiq alternating. My dr. said if I am dizzy tomorrow to call her. I do not have a spare day anymore to devote to med side effects. WHINE Do you all think I will have withdrawal etc? (tried to change to effexor a few months ago and had crazy panic attack so chickened out and went back to Pristiq.

I am very NERVOUS tonight after reading side effects people have had on Lamictal (hair falling out and what was that about wrinkly skin!!! YIKES I promised myself I would not read all that, but I could not help myself. So now I am worked up.

I just want the pain relief, and productive days... I take Klonopin 1mg to sleep well (for 8 years yikes) and I took100mg. Neurontin at noon to calm myself down. I hope I am doing the right thing. Spring is here and I want to enjoy every minute. I have taken Neurontin thru the years also

I have also had painful bladder syndrom and other unusual pain issues thru the years. I am 57 and in great health. Love this site but how can one use these without making oneself nervous reading others complaints. Thx for reading this long post. salpal