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Is anyone having ECT and taking Depakote?

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Inactive 20 Nov 2011

Hey there sbrickhouse,
I like the moniker, can relate. The simple answer to your question is... YES! Several rounds of ECT as a matter of fact. Nothing special about it. Life happens and we try to deal as best we can, brick. I am assuming u r bipolar type 2 depressed like me. If u r thinking of ECT because of unremitting depression, it works great, at least it did for my dad and myself.
Go for it. What other meds r u on? I take Cymbalta, Depakote and Klonopin. My life is now worth living. Any questions, just ask as I've been dealing for 43 years.

pickles503 20 Nov 2011

No I'm not taken Depakote. I'm taking medications like it. I asked my Psych about ECT and he said that it works for a short while and then looses it's effectiveness. And then it has to be done again. I've seen people when they go in having ECT done, and when they come out. It breaks my heart. Take care

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Inactive 20 Nov 2011

Well said pickles. Your doctor is right on. Best wishes and have yourself a good Sunday,

Inactive 20 Nov 2011

Hi, I'd think twice, read up on the procedures, libility factors, possible permanet damage, with no recourse (you sign waivers) against the hospital, anesethesiologist (s),the doctor performing the ect. The cost factor in dollars.Its no picnic. I've had many series of treatment (averaging 12 sessions to a series) at 3 sessions per week, add on $500.00 per session, well do the math. Then there unilaterl versus bilateral. Bilateral, is given when unilateral does not show results. A far more dangerous procedure. ECT is given as a last resort. Its not been proven, long turn, to be effective in the treatment for manic depression. To this day, the medical establisment can not explain why the treatment manages to work. The how part yes.Electricity to the brain, a seizure follows and hopefully you wake up, after each session, feeling better than you did before the procedure was done. Thats all they know .They cannot explain in any detail to "why" it works. Best wishes,

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pickles503 20 Nov 2011

Thank you, Pledge. When people came out of shock therapy to go back to their rooms, they were completely and totally out. I don't know how long, maybe 12 hours, they were out. I sat at the end of their beds when they were laying there, praying they would survive. They didn't appear to have life in them. If I didn't see their chest going up and down, I didn't know if they were breathing. I stayed at the end of their beds for a long, long time. Personally, after seeing the before and after, I can't see how this procedure is lawful. I'm so sorry for those I've hurt by saying this. I don't mean to hurt you. You're all so precious and unique. If I hadn't seen a few people have it done, and not just one person, I might think and feel differently. Take care, Anna

Inactive 21 Nov 2011

Hello Anna, thanks, and you've not hurt or offened anyone. Not at all. You said your opinion, voiced your concerns. And well founded I may add. Its Monday, ha! now thats a worry :-0) bye bye have a goodday,

slattery 20 Nov 2011

About the ECT... my ex-boss had it done within the past year, as she had it done previously. Right now she is calling me up, telling me that she is suicidal yet again. So as pledge said, I'd think long and hard before going that route, if it is the case that it doesn't do much in the long run anyway. Personally for me, it would never be an option, as they don't even know themselves what effects it has on the brain - what about the NEGATIVE effects that it may have?
I am a bipolar I sufferer, and have been taking depakote for many years. It has never let me down, and following a time when I quit drugs for a while but then had an episode, it brought me back VERY quickly. I'm picky and probably pretty critical about side effects attached to bipolar drugs - but can't think of a negative thing to say concerning depakote. So all I can say is thumbs up for this drug!

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pickles503 25 Nov 2011

Hi slttery! I want you to know that I quit my meds, too,for awhile, and went into a manic episode that lasted from start to finish, one year. And six months of that year I was homeless. I also understand mania.
ECT would never, ever be an option for me, either.
Take care, Anna

slattery 26 Nov 2011

Yes Anna, first time round something very similar happened to myself, when I was losing my job of 20 years, and although I knew something very bad was happening to me, week after week for so long, I didn't know what it was... and the stupid job wouldn't allow me to take so much as a day off to see a doctor, as I held a crucial position and they acted like I was indispensible for even two hours. The psychosis I ended up in was a nightmare, and I ended up being carted off to the hospital by the police, and ended up there for almost a month. So although nobody likes taking drugs, all I can say is thank God for them - because the alternative really is not much fun, right? So sorry that you had to go through so much! free discount card

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