Especially if you don't want to? I'd love to hear from you. How are you doing with it?

I'm not doing well at all. I'm not quitting well, and Monday my breathing took a nose dive. It doesn't make sense. I went to a Lung doc yesterday but he didn't say anything about the sudden breathing difficulty. Actually, I was so preoccupied in my mind feeling guilty because I still smoke, that I didn't harp on the fact that this breathing problem became 4 times worse almost over night. It was over 2 nights.

He added Symbicort to my other inhalers, but I Know that I need to quit smoking. I started with cigarettes at 15, switched to good imported cigars at 28. I slowly learned how to inhale them a little. About 15 years later I switched back to cigarettes. And then 11 years ago I quit everything. But I was a Pot smoker back then, and that still allowed me to inhale something everyday. Nine months later I bought a good imported cigar again, and smoked them until 3 years ago. I felt very sick from the good cigars 3 years ago. I tried to quit, failed, and started to smoke crappy cigars. That's where I am today. I desperately need to quit. I need to brainwash myself into wanting to quit because I don't want to. And I live in a state that probably has the highest prices on tobacco of any state. I'll save 5 - $10 a day by quitting. I really need that extra cash. But I also need to breathe. I still don't want to quit. WTF is wrong with me? I hate myself for this. I can't believe I'm being so stupid, because I'm not stupid, but I am with this.

Anyone in a similar boat?