My doctor has on ritalin and dextrophetamine to manage my daytime sleepiness for narcolepsy, I am also taking lunesta at night. I take Ritalin 40mg, at 6, 11, & 2 and take 45 mg of dextro at 6 and at 11. Does anyone else take these meds together like this? It seems like alot of meds, however, they only carry me til bout 7pm and my head and eyes are drooping. I don't understand- is this it? Can I not have a life? On days I work, I go to work, get home about 6pm, get settled and by that time, I'm getting sleepy- no energy to cook dinner anymore or watch a movie with my boyfriend like I used to. In addition to that, my lunesta has become alot less effective and I am waking up quite frequently during the night, only averaging about 3hrs of sleep per night. I don't know what to do! I don't want to give up, I want to live, but this is craZy! I feel like I am damned either way- without the stimulants I cannot make it through the work day, but I'd like to make it til at least 8pm so my relationship And my house do not fall apart, but I'd also like to have a descent night's rest at some point. Can anyone out there relate? Is it wrong to desire a little bit of a halfway normal life? I've already lost many friends and my fiancé and family don't understand my condition or my needs for all the meds. I don't want to take all this, but I don't want to just roll over and let this thing defeat me either- I'm only 31 years old- please tell there is hope. Please tell me someone else is going through the same thing. I feel so alone right now and wonder if there are any other ideas on managing this disease and treatment. Thanks in advance!