I am on SS disability and have been since age 52. I have never had a donut hole before and now can't afford the medication. I'm confused considering I'm disabled and am on disability. Why shouldn't i be able to pay with a resonable deductible instead of no coverage at all.They want me to pay $1000 for this drug and I've been paying for medicare insurance for 7 years. I don't know what to do. Oxycodone isnt a drug you can just stop taking. I am physically dependent on this drug and if I just quit taking this, i will go into detox and probably hospitalization. They would rather I do that, then just let me pay a resonable price being disabled. Does this make sense to anyone? The doctors say the insurance is responsible, the insurance says SS is responsible. SS says Medicare is responsible. Then it starts all over again. HELP! Social Security doesn't just give out disability to just anyone. They take months deciding if your condition will be on going ( which mine is) How can they just stop paying.