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Is an antispychotic necessary in addition to a mood stabilizer if no psychotic symptoms are present?

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Inactive 30 Aug 2012

Hello Aladdinsane. Depending on the diagnosis, yes. Often an antipsycohtic is combined with a drug such as Mirtazapine or Wellbutrin or Abilify. Antipsychotics often are perscribed even though there is no psychosis present. They work well in regards to depression and anxiey disorders. Best of wishes to you, pledge

Inactive 30 Aug 2012

Pledge is absolutely correct, & just to add to his answer, many, many drugs that are made specifically for one condition are prescribed off label for other conditions. Not just antidepressants or antiphyschotics either. An example is neurontin which is a seizure drug, that is also used for neuropathy pain for diabetics & other people with pain problems. There is not set pattern for the uses of drugs for other conditions. If they work that is all that is important... free discount card

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