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Is amphetimine like adderall?

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Inactive 1 Aug 2010

There is amphetamine in adderall but from a friend of ours that has been a user for many years of meth informed us that the two are not the same at all to him.

SupportNeeded 2 Aug 2010

I am just curious... how could they be completely different from each other? I mean, they are both amphetamines and I would think that they should be similar in some way (maybe not completely, though).

zev51104 2 Aug 2010

Adderall IS amphetamine, in fact, it is a mixture of amphetaming salts: amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. "Meth" is meth-amphetamine, which is a type of amphetamine. The "meth" from Meth-amphetamine comes from the chemical name "methyl". The chemical Methamphetamine is composed of an amphetamine molecule with an additional methyl group attached to its nitrogen (amine group). The meth or methyl 'addition' to amphetamine is just an organic compound which in combination changes certain chemical properties hence changing certain 'effects'. Basically it converts an already questionable drug into something more dangerous and potent. There are certain pharmaceuticals classified as methamphetamines, but any good doctor will most likely not prescribe these for obvious reasons. Don't read too much into it. 'Meth' is no good when it comes to treating anything but a habit, and like I said, amphetamines are bad enough. free discount card

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