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Is amphetamine a narcotic drug?

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DzooBaby 23 Sep 2011

It depends on how you define a narcotic drug. Narcotic is not really a medical term-although medical people do use that term-it is very antiquated medically. It is more of a law enforcement term. Many people use the word "narcotic" to refer to opioids or opiate pain relievers derived from the poppy plant. Law enforcement uses it more as a term for any controlled drug or drug that alters consiousness and it brings to mind illegal drugs. That is the main reason I do not like using the word narcotics-it implies an illegal substance. Amphetamines are not opioid drugs. Amphetamines ARE controlled drugs and would be considered narcotics from a law enforcement stand point. They are not derived from poppies so they are not opiates. Amphetamines are usually synthetic drugs that stimulate the central nervous system. They are controlled drugs-some are illegal to possess at all, like methamphetamine, and some, like Adderall, are used medically and are legal with a prescription. So really it depends on how you define narcotics. If you mean is it an opiate-then no. If you mean from a legal stand point then, yes, it could be considered a narcotic. Does that help any or did that confuse you more? How do YOU define narcotic? free discount card

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