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Is amitrip-cdp 25-10 the same as chlordiazepox-amitriptyl 10-25?

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teknotard 17 Mar 2011

I believe so. That is the only combination of amitripillyne that I know of that would fit those abreviations.

The abreviation of amitrip-cdp really should not be used any more to avoid confusion.

Is there a cpecific reason why you ask? Did the name on your bottle change?

jtclyde10 18 Mar 2011

The pharmacy changed the medecine on me. I went from Amitrip-cdp to Chlordiazepo-amitriptyle. I had been feeling a lot more run down lately and I thought that might have been a reason. Thanks for answering.

teknotard 18 Mar 2011

I think it is just a clerical change. If you want to be absolutely positive you can always go to the pharmacy. When I work I am always more than happy to these things for patients

I hope you feel better.

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