I have had mental problems, anxiety/depression, for as long as I know. I'm 44 now, by 14 my illness was serious enough to attempt suicide for the first time. I was finally diagnosed with severe recurrant depression at age 24 after a couple more suicide attempts. I have since been diagnosed with bi-polar, PTSD, and different depression diagnosises, but what gives me the most trouble is anxiety. I have used street drugs since I was 15 to self medicate trying to calm the anxiety, and for years used excessive amounts. I have self medicated daily with amphetamines for 7 years now, only stopping occasionally when I couldn't afford or find it, but not abusing it very much. I have been off my prescribed seroquell and mood stablizers for a year now. As long as I have some amphetamines I function well. I wonder if I could be ADD as well. I wonder if I can try Adderoll under a docter's care so I can stop illegally medicating myself.