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Is a white pill that is oblong and says mia 108 on it a pain killer?

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dmfdjttor57 3 Oct 2010

In looking through my prescription drug book, i do not find a pill with that specific inscription on it. Since I assume you do not want to take something that you are unsure about, I would take it into the pharmacy and see if they know what it is, or even call a pharmacy and ask. We used to be able to call poison control in my state and get an answer if describing a drug, but they quit doing that due to too many drug users trying to find out if what they found could get them high. Possibly where you live, poison control could help you. I hope you don't take anything w/out knowing for certain what it is, i have the latest copy of Prescription Drugs w/pictures of various medications and could not find that specific pill in there. You can always tell a pharmacy you found it in your child's pocket or something if concerned about checking with them, i do not advocate lying, but i don't want to see someone take something on the "hope" it is what they think it might be.
Hope you find your answer from a knowledgable source.

Plain Jane 6 Oct 2010 free discount card

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