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Is a precription of 2000mg of depakote a normal dosage what are the side effects?

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Sideffects2 24 Apr 2010

That's a mid-range dose which depends on your blood test. It has to be within the 50-125 range for it to be effective for Mood. Usually some stomach discomfort will accompany this medicine till you get used to it. It may make you gain weight and swell your face and lose some hair but it may be minimal in terms of side effects. It may be a G-d send for mood liability, it all depends on your personal reaction and the other stuff you're taking. Good Luck with it.

kitkatlover826 25 Jan 2017

I can see this is an old question but for anyone else out there 2000ng of depakote is a large dose and the medication will make you sleepy im a nurse who suffers from epilepsy and i dont even take that large of a dose for seizures not to mention how rough the medication is on your kidneys an even larger dose is even worse i wuld mke sure i keep up to date on all blood work and i would speak with my doctor about lowering the dose and combinung with alprazolam to help with manaic outbursts and anxiety

bsimms23 16 Mar 2017

I liked reading tis comment. I have kicked a 17 year benzodiazepine (Klonopin) and did it by going to hospital to start the detox of it. About a month of withdrawal made me manic and unable to sleep much. My family became so concerned that we had to exaggerate facts to get me to into a mental health unit. Long story short i have 55 days now of no BENZOS and I don't want them. They diagnosed me with Bipolar 1 with moderate mania. I am on 2000 milligrams of depekote er and 15 milligrams of zypreza. I cant stop eating and gaining weight and i sleep because I have zero energy and mental health in my state is lacking the support it needs I don't know what to do. Thoughts?

rnm5611 16 Aug 2017

When I was initially diagnosed with acute Bipolar 1 and suicidal over 10 years ago I was given 2000mg of Depakote to stabilize me! This drug, even though harsh, saved my life! I gained an overall 90lbs in almost no time, my ankles swole, and some other side effects. However for an acute stabilization, this drug saved my life! This was my very first mood stabilizer. Since then I have had to switch to many things, but thank God for Depakote! free discount card

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