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Is a percocet watson 749?

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christineATU 31 Mar 2010

it is 5mg oxycodone. It's on the low end of the pain relief scale. Hope this helps.

bobby atencio 20 May 2013

Um I didn't ask u that I asked if a Watson 749 was a percocet but I guess ur to stupid to know so duhhhh

druguru 15 Apr 2012

If youre asking if a watson 749 is a percocet the answer is yes. It is oxycodone 5mg / acetominophen 325mg. Oxycodone is percocet and acetominophen is tylenol. Hope this answer clears things up for you.

bobby atencio 20 May 2013

Thank you so much also how long does it take to leave your system? I have a drug test tomorrow and I took 5 today so will I pass or am I screwed? And if so what can I take or drink to pass cuz I'm on probation and can't afford to drop dirty again free discount card

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