I have fibro, IC, IBS and arthritis, and suspect I have RA. I've had sed rates done in the past with a result of 5, but the one I had last week was 19. Since the "alarm" number is 30 and over my internist didn't notify me, but I went in and got a copy of my blood work. It seems that an increase from 5 to 19 is rather significant. My neighbor has RA and both ring fingers are twisted, and she said my symptoms sounded just like hers. I have very painful joints in my hands and my feet are very painful. I swell up in my feet and ankles shortly after getting out of bed. I work full-time and I'm miserable by the time I get home. I take 120mg of Cymbalta, 60mg of Avinza, 50mg hydroxyzine and valium or lorazapam as needed. The avinza (second time trying it) really helps the IC, but not the joint pain and stiffness.
I guess my main question is about blood tests for RA. I've heard that some people test negative and still have RA. I am going to see a Rheumy because my Internist is very conservative and seems to think blood work is the end all be all regardless of the symptoms.