... medical issues ever... that is up until about a year ago. The first symptoms I can recall were less frequent bowel movements and constantly feeling like I needed to move my bowels and could not do so. The next symptoms I began to notice were strange "squishy" noises coming from my stomach-most noticeably when I would touch it-as well as feeling things actually inside my stomach punching me from the inside(I now believe these are spasms). I also felt like there was a constant solid mass in my stomach at all times. I still currently experience all of these symptoms however the frequency of them has become a 24 hours a day/7 days a week thing when it used to not be daily. I cannot pinpoint any stressful situation or time I was going through a year ago that would all of a sudden trigger these symptoms. I at first self treated using laxatives,stool softeners, and enemas. These produced bowel movements but I always felt the urge to go more and it would not happen. For the most part, I could not have a bowel movement without using a laxative or enema. I finally went to my PCP who ordered some tests (thryoid etc-all came back with no abnormalities) and referred me to a GI doctor. I had an extremely awful experience with Dr. James Pilla (in Pittsburgh), the GI specialist I was referred to go see. At the first appointment this past June, I was very specific in the fact that I cannot have a bowel movement without the aid of something and even then my bowel movements are *maybe* once per week-and he did not seem to find any of this abnormal. So he encouraged miralax (which I already told him I had to discontinue bec. I was still not having bowel movements just becoming bloated to the point I could not even sit down) and a high fiber diet (approx. 30 grams a day)-which after doing my own research, all of the message boards say NOT to eat a high fiber diet with IBS-C because it will exacerbate symptoms-which proved to be 100% accurate and caused me more pain than I had ever been in before-still with no bowel movements. I went through with a colonoscopy-which was noted to be "unremarkable". He also prescribed both bentyl and linzness-neither of which improved my symptoms at all. About 2 weeks after the colonoscopy, I was having a particularly bad flare-up ( I hadn't had a bowel movement in 5-6 days, I could not wear anything but leggings or sweatpants because my stomach was so bloated, and it literally felt like I had worms in my stomach because there was so much movement) and ended up going to the ER. They ended up doing an x-ray and CT scan and I was told the only thing they saw was "a lot of stool". They sent me home after 8 hours with the instructions to "drink magnesium citrate"-which I did and it finally produced a bowel movement but not for another 24 hours. I am very frustrated because I have a high deductible insurance plan ($2500) and I have not gotten what I feel is any useful treatment and I have had to pay nearly $2500 for nothing. My insurance would not cover medical nutritional therapy or nutritional services and I could not afford to pay for it out of pocket. I attended a CCFA symposium and obtained the name of a group (Allegheny Center for Digestive Health) that treats GI issues-however the only physician in the group who specializes in IBS is not taking new patients, however I did make an appointment with another provider in the group. I, on my own, have ceased a high fiber diet however I still experience excruciating pain nearly all day every day to the point that I am not able to sit down and if I am forced to like at work-I have to get up every 10-15 minutes. I have significantly less pain standing up or lying down. I have been eating greek yogurt and a banana in the AM, usually broth soup for lunch, and for dinner grilled chicken with a small serving of thoroughly cooked zucchini/mushrooms. I have been eating a low gluten, low dairy diet-although I'm not sure if this is making a difference. My brother was recently diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and is undergoing Remicade treatments and has been able to have doctors properly treat him-which is another of my frustrations-I do not feel like any medical providers are taking this seriously. And I take it very seriously as I am now extrememly depressed and experiencing chronic pain every day. I am at my wits end and truly do not know what to do or where to go from here-PLEASE HELP ME!!!