I have had sever stomach pains since I was born no one knows what they are and I have suffered great amounts of pains and problems. I have been in and out of the hospital, altrasounds, MRI, and suggested medications. They all don't help most recently my partner and I were getting frisky when all of a sudden I started screaming from the pain. Before then if I ate to much of one this the next day I would throw up and have troubles having a bowel movement. The pain is in my lower abdomin and I have been told by people I know that it could be irritable bowel syndrom, what is that and other then speaking to a doctor how can I figure out if I have it? I really just want the pain to stop I causes me to not sleep starve myself and get scared to eat out or go to a friends for dinner. I also have been experiencing heart burn diarria and verious other issue due to my severe stomach pains. When ever I go to the hospital in tears they give me a morphene shot send me home and say don't eat for two days and you should be fine. There is no telling what causes it as it is a sudden pain that makes me un able to walk. I just want to stop suffering and live life eith little to no pain. My biggest fear is what if this runs in my dna and I give it to my child one day. Also when I get stressed or my depression gets worse I throw up no matter what I eat every morning at 6am on the dot without fail. And I know now after living on my own that the stress can be huge and I feel if this doesn't stop I could get very sick. They have checked to see if I have holes in my stomach but all they found was a split pancreas. That should not be causing this much pain even if it is wrapped around the bottom of my stomach.