... stopped having my period all together, now im not particularly worried about it as i know it can be pretty normal, now i dont have a very good relationship with my mum and she still doesnt know ive started, i know some people may disagree with that but its what makes me feel comfortable so please dont say i should talk to my mother about it because i just cant. Things have happened and id rather not go into detail, anyway once I started to miss my periods i told my friends my worries and they told me it was pretty normal so i need not worry but it has got to the point,(3 and 1/2 month later im still missing it) , that starting to get worried, So i talked to my friends about it as we are very close, now i have never had sex so their is no way im pregnant but i am showing signs of pregnancy , i know its not good to google whats wrong but my friends and i googled it and we have heard that your body can be tricked into thinking its pregnant so it starts to go through some stages of pregnancy, ive tried all the recommendations for late periods and nothings worked. I also know that everyone is different but I still would like some ideas, So i was wondering if there is any way to stop my body from possibly thinking im pregnant or something? Im open for pretty much any diagnosis or tips... Thanks :)