Hey everyone,
I've been having some concerning side effects and period irregularities while being on LOLO birth control. I've been on it for a year and a half now, take it religiously and always around the same time.
Since May 2016, I've been getting severe period symptoms, which never happened before. Before this I didn't even get any symptoms or periods. In May I ended up getting a very heavy period half way through my birth control pack. I didn't think much of it until it happened again in June where again I was half way through my pack and ended up with a period and PMS symptoms two weeks before it came. It's like my PMS symptoms won't go away, I have them almost nonstop (sore boobs, bloating, acne etc).
Now not only is this occurring but I had sex with my boyfriend last Tuesday and he ejaculated inside of me, and with the uncertainty of if I have the required protection against pregnancy because of how weird my pills have been making my body act, should I b concerned with a pregnancy potential? I currently have sore boobs and lower back pain, but nothing else... Wondering if this is pregnancy symptoms or more PMS symptoms like I have been experiencing previously?
Very worried and confused!!