I have been on 150m for about 8 years. I have put on about 5 stone. I have joint pains especially my knees, but worst is the rash. It is on buttocks and thighs mainly and some on my tummy.It has got a lot worse in the last couple of years. I didn't realise how bad it was until my daughter saw it. I also take levothyroxine , cardioplen and a water tablet. Years ago my doctor said they looked like flea bites but we had no animals. I have stopped taking them for 4 days. If they are the problem how long will it be before I can tell? My doctor never seemed to listen as my BP was in check. I have a good diet and have never been in a fast food place in my life. I am 67 and female. I have never had spots since I was 15 till now. They are not itchy but don't heal up for months. Can my body repair if the tablets are to blame? many thanks for your help