I'm a 22 year old male with high blood pressure. I'm in very good shape but it runs in the family. Just switched to irbesartan after near 7 months off my old medicine. I've taken it for 7 days without problem, aside from feeling weak. I get terrible after the seventh day and decided not to take the pill the following morning after consulting my mother who works in the medical field. This morning, after skipping my first time, and my would be 8th pill, I've been feeling extremely weird all day. I should also mention, the ridge of my nose was twitching in one spot the entire day before (last day I took the pill) and was less, only 4-5 times, today (the first day not taking the pill) Extremely tired during my first three classes even though I've been sleeping more. Aside from extreme weakness and very heavy eyes, I had an almost constant feeling of faintness. I would space out and then come to and once almost was sure I was about to fall backwards and pass out. The rest of the day, as it went on, got marginally better, but not much. The most worrisome was feeling almost as if my eyes were crossing, and that I would get sudden vertigo and feel as if I would just fall back and pass out. Other symptoms include and "empty" feeling in my head, foggy minded, and weakness, aside from the constant "vertigo" like feeling crossing eye feeling. This evening, I'm slightly better. The foggy mind is nearly gone, as well as the cross eyed feeling, almost. However, I'm still feeling extemely weak, as if I could barely lift anything, and still feeling suddenly onsets of feeling as if I could faint, which come as quick as the go, nearly one or two seconds? Has anyone had the previous symptoms after taking this medication?
Thank you for your time