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I'm an Iranian Microbiologist. I read Saffron's article. Zafaran is a Persian word not Arabic word?

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kaismama 8 Nov 2012

I don't think this forum is where you need to ask that question.

zafaran 8 Nov 2012

yes. but it is a notice

kaismama 8 Nov 2012

This is a community forum, it has nothing to do with what you've stated.

Inactive 8 Nov 2012

I agree with Kaismama 100%.

Inactive 8 Nov 2012

Hello zafran. It might be. I enjoy langauges and I am multilingual. I will do some reading and offer you my opinion. Regards pledge

Inactive 8 Nov 2012

Still looking zafran. I will have an answer, one way or another. And welcome to the site. It is a medical site first and foremost. Your question is medical related. Please feel welcome.

zafaran 9 Nov 2012

dear pledge did you give my e-mail address?

Inactive 9 Nov 2012

Hello zafan. I do not e-mail with anyone from this site. I also do not PQ (personal question). Meaning I do not friend others. Its a policy that I use for my own privacy. Many of the members use each other for support. (A foundation of the site) However I use the site for educational reasons. And I learn through other peoples reactions etc to the various topics, questions. My specialty is mental illness, and the treatment there off. Its a vast subject. Encompasses many disorders.

Inactive 8 Nov 2012

Dear Zafaran, can you tell us which blog or support group the blog is from? I have a very Dear Friend from Iran, her name is Mahin. She read all she could about her homeland and taught me the words Daughter, Sheriff and Candy were all Farsi in origin. It amazed me how she could pronounce both the g and the h in the word Daughter. I am sure whatever blog you read this in, was not intended to offend anyone, it was likely a simple translation or research mistake. Patti free discount card

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