I had a kind of loose callus skin lifting off side of my heal. It did not hurt except once when my granddaughter stepped on the loose part that tore it a bit and made it bleed a little. The doctor said sometimes such things may turn cancerous so it is better to cut it out. He really dug into it and cut an inch around the thing and about half an inch down. He sent it to the lab and it wasn't malignant. Somehow the wound created by the cut was taking a long time to heal so the doctor prescribed Iodosorb ointment that I used for a couple of months until the wound closed up although I suspected that underneath it wasn't quite healed. That was 1 year ago. My problem is that there is still tenderness under the area that was cut and it gets swollen if I walk a lot. How do I make it heal underneath as Iodosorb does not treat dry wounds