These thoughts are ruining my life, eating my head and brain and scrambling it to pieces. OCD runs in my family. This has been torturing me for too long, the point at which I feel suicidal, so I've decided to seek professional help. But Im scared. How would I describe intrusive thoughts to a doctor? Will they link it to OCD themselves?

Most importantly, I want to get an idea of what medication I'll be put on. Will these help the thoughts stop? I've tried every single other thing I could think of to make them stop but it isnt working, please tell me medication will help them go away. This is affecting my school, work, life, happiness. I cant stop this. Medicine seems like my only hope. Please help me get an idea.

I also really want some behavioral therapy. Can someone please give me an idea of what behavioural therapy to apply for?

Thank you for the help. Please, I need these to stop. I need them to stop so bad.