... Hi, I just joined this site & forum today. I have had chronic lower back pain for 10 yrs. Facet block injections, permanent epidural, & another procedure I cant recall havent helped. After 10 yrs of pain meds my tolerance is getting up there. But due to PC Dr's no longer writing pain meds my meds have changed over the past 2 yrs. 8 yrs ago I was on 30mg roxicodone w/a limit of 10 a day. then I asked to be switched back down to 15 mg. as even I knew this wasnt good. then I had to go to PM who said "percocet is the same thing" & put me on 6 percocet a day, want to say 10/325, which really didnt help. Then PM Dr moved her office 2 hours away so had to find another new pm. Got told "we dont prescribe meds" over the phone by 3 of them. Had 2 look at my file, which is VERY thick, and say "I cant do anything for you that you havent already tried" finally am w/a pm that I am mostly happy with. Only thing is (and I am truly embaressed saying this) 6 30 mg pills a day arent helping much anymore. they dont last 4 hours at all. Maybe 2~3 hours. Also when I had my meds last filled they used a different brand of Roxi and I am having side effects that I never had before. Itchy in an embaressing area and on my head. I know they changed brands as I called to ask if something was different and he said yes having trouble getting the original brand I was on. So, what do I tell my PM? I dont want to go back to percocet (which is like tylenol to me) but cant be scratching like this! the pharmacy doesnt know if he can get my original brand anymore. Is there something comparable to roxicodone as far as pain relief goes? And I am afraid to tell her 6 pills a day (she said she cant do more then 6 a day) isnt enough. Without them I can't stand up straight, walk without holding onto someone or something. With them, I am "normal" and can be the best Mom I can be with this back problem. And right now thats all I ask for, to be able to be a Mom to my 3 daughters. I don't want them to hear me saying "my back hurts" or "Mommy can't take you to the park" you know?
Sorry for the length of this, just wanted to give you some background on me so you dont think I'm just here to get drug advice for the wrong reason.
To anyone that made it this far, Thank you! And nice to "meet" you!