I got diagnosed with Barretts over a year ago and. Before that I never had acid issues but immediately after the endoscopy I had serious burning issues constantly and my Dr. Had me try different kinds of meds. I tried protonix and it seemed to work for a couple of weeks but I stayed on it for 10 months with issues the whole time and it stopped working because I was having pains and numbness in my back between my shoulder blades and nausea. I tried taking one in the morning and one at night and it was twice as bad. I switched to nexium and it was good for a week and started feeling sick with the same symtoms except worse. I started having anxiety and panic attacks and depression and eye pain and couldn't eat anything without it causing serious distress, so I figured it was the meds so I stopped taking them completely and I felt better instantly. I thought that I would take some pepcid a.c. in case I had rebound and after 3 days the sickness is back so I stopped the pepcid a.c. . now I'm on a liquid diet trying to get back to normal. I am scared and confused. My Dr pretty much shoved me out the door and bailed on me and also my family physician has done nothing. Please help with some advice.