I have had up to date 14 abdominal surgeries in the last 8 yrs and I am still in need of more but my question is when surgeries are done will I still have the pain I am in all day everyday because of all the scar tissue that I have? I don't think there is more than 1 or 2 in area from the middle top of rib cage down 4 inch below my belly button that does not have a scar or some kind of mark and I live in agonising pain 24/7 without doing anything really physical I am only 42 and am afraid of going out or even taking my little dogs for little walks because sometime the pain becomes so unbearable I wish for death I know it sounds terrible to say but I do not have a social life and pain is the only existence I am aware of !! Any ideas of how long it lasts or if there is something that can be done as of my 10 th surgery I went to 12 top surgeons for my bowel hernia and no one would touch me till I went to the ER when my bowels were Necrotic and was 30 mins from death so I really have so many issues but pain is very bad