Hi guys. Well, I just got out of the Marine Corps and during my time in I was diagnosed with panic disorder w/o agoraphobia, PTSD, OCD, alcohaul abuse disorder ( havent touched drink in a year and a half), depression, insomnia and some other things mentally. Well, I've been on anti depressants for two and a half years and have not found a single one that works for me. I have been on up to the maximum dose of these meds and tried each one for atlease 2 to 3 months under a pshychiatrist and phycologists supervision. Effexor, wellbutrin, Abilify, Zoloft, Paxil, Celexa, Klonipin, latuda and there are others im forgetting. Theres been so many. Well I'm tired of the doctors I go to tell me that all they can do is give me anti depressants and it's obvious that non have been or are working for me. I am a stay at home dad now because I'm retired and it's so hard to move and get out of bed and deal with my son and clean the house and all those things. I can't focus, concentrate and I have no motivation. I've been through it all and I'm ready to be on something that can help with all this. Of course I know that medicine alone is not the answer and I do go to a pshycologists once a month as well and it helps during the session, but I cant seem to focus on the advice I'm given long enough. Any ideas? What should I be asking of my doctor? I've been thing that a stimulant like adderal might help motivate me to get out and do things, but I just dont know. Please help.