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Intestinal Obstruction - Does the tube in the stomach always work to unkink your bowel thanks?

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Rob56 8 Oct 2017

Are you referring to the NG tube? The NG tube does not cure or fix the obstruction. What it does is remove the air,gas, and food content that cannot pass through the obstruction... hence it will take pressure and bloating away... make you feel better and remove the nausea... but it does fix the root cause of the obstruction.

Margaretandalan 9 Oct 2017

My husband has had kidney surgery and now his bowel has a kink in it. The tube is down into his stomach drips etc. They say in a few days thus should bring the bowel back from sleeping, worried as he can't really go through another operation.

Rob56 9 Oct 2017

Are talking the same thing... NG tube which is fed through the nose and down esophagus into stomach? The intestine is kinked probably due to an adhesion which is very common. It will resolve itself but may recurr or may not. Only time will tell. But it sounds like your husbands may be a one time incident.

Rob56 9 Oct 2017

One other thing is quite common that a section of bowel has fallen asleep and will wake up in a few days... after a surgery...

Margaretandalan 9 Oct 2017

Hi I am so concerned and worried my husband has had a kidney removed two weeks ago. He now has a bowel that has gone to sleep which is causing problems. He has the tube in his stomach now for 4 days and still no bowel movement. They can't see anything on his CT scan to see the problem. Now some surgeons are saying operate and some say don't it's to dangerous. What do I do I don't want them to operate if it's to dangerous yet some say yes. They need to find other alternatives without operating. I need a good surgeon to speak to for another opinion. Please help.

Rob56 9 Oct 2017

Is he on any narcotic pain med if so this will slow the bowels from waking up... sometimes these take time... I would not rush into surgery... They can do an Erythromycin IV drip... it is an anitbiotic but it also is a motility agent to get the bowels moving... see if that would help. If he can take clear fluids than they can give him Miralax... Im still not clear on the tubing... is it a NG tube that he has? I have been in this situation after bowel surgery it took 45 days... but it was due to the narcotic pain med that added on to the sleeping bowel recovery.

gaderga 9 Feb 2018

The tube does work for me. I have had 8 bowel obstructions. I was resistant to the tube but finally realize the temporary pain it causes is worth it to clear out the intestine. Surgery would just cause more adhesions. free discount card

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