... treated with an NG tube and in hospital for 4 days. After the intestine relaxed, all was normal. Not one medical person, surgeon, nurse, gastroenterologist, ER doc... not one said change your diet. The scare tissue must move and adjust with the intestine (bowel). I have gone to smaller meals, but I eat the same fiber cereal, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruit with skin. I've been ok for 3 months. I do stretch and swim and exercise regularly. I do not eat a meal before bed, that's always made me sick in the past. I'm 60 years old and this is my first experience. I'm 5'4" 137 lbs. The most wise comment a Dr. made was, "live your life" you cannot predict this condition. What are the weight and general health of these posts? Does everyone exercise and maintain a healthy weight? It seems many people have had abdominal surgery/radiation and other scar creating procedures. Not everyone has had this issue. Is it your intestinal make up?