I just had a visit to the ER a couple days ago and they couldn't find anything wrong with me. I have had several gut issues, but nothing as painful as the last time. They did give me some med scripts, but they didn't seem to help. The only thing that helped was when I took my back massager to my stomach for about 10 minutes. Within 1 minute of stopping the massage I throw up 3 times and released lots of gas.
This has happened before, maybe once a month if not more for the last year or so. I have had all the tests and while they have found small things wrong such as reflux, polyps, and narrowing of small intestine. They have yet to tell me what is causing this to happen. And frankly, they act like they don't believe me when I tell them how much pain I am in. I'm 6 feet tall and around 195- 200 pounds and look pretty healthy for the most part. What they don't see is that I was 230 of solid muscle when this all began. Now I have lost all the muscles and am very week most of the time. I do have other medical issues that attribute to the loss of muscle mass, but I had always been able to keep my weight steady until this started happening. I'm not eating right so I drink ensure to help me try to stay healthy. But the pain in my gut is getting worse each time it happens. I mean scary worse, and no one believes me.
I have stopped eating for the most part, but know that that is not acceptable for good health and am open for suggestions.