... pneumonitits? did you find the cause? Mine was from my pet cockatiel (the doctors "think"). I have been on Prednisone since May 2012 and just now starting to taper down. Its TERRIBLE but I can breathe. I took 60 mg of prednisone for 6 weeks and have been tapering down to now 20 mg without problems until now. Apparently 20 mg is the magic number for when withdrawal issues raise their ugly heads?
Have any of you tapered down on prednisone and have any advice for the side effects? fatigue, stomach aches, and just feeling kind of "poisoned".
Also the pred gave me full blown, uncontrollable type 2 diabetes that I am treating with insulin. I hope that it goes down to a point I can manage with oral meds like I did before the prednisone.
thanks all! Happy Breathing... its 106 in Calif today and the air is full of wildfire smoke. Hack Hack cough cough! lol