So I've finally been diagnosed with IC after 4 years of my symptoms being dismissed, and I can't help but think antibiotics are necessary in order to prevent UTIs. I know that UTI symptoms are nearly identical to those of Interstitial Cystitis, but I have actually had frequent UTIs along with my IC flares. Has anyone else experienced frequent UTIs with IC?

I have my own UA dipsticks to monitor bacterial growth, so I know when i'm experiencing just a flare up vs. a flare with infection. However, I do have rather severe IC with prominent hemorrhages so I may be more susceptible than others.

I was prescribed nitrofurantoin as a prophylactic antibiotic, but I couldn't tolerate it. I've been taking Cipro when infections occur but I can't help but wonder if it would be best to try another antibiotic like cipro to prevent the infections from happening in the first place.

What do you all think? Anyone else having trouble with frequent UTIs? What prophylactic antibiotics have you tried?