Respected sir/madam, I'm a final year mbbs
student. Wen i joined first year mbbs
i had a trauma in my right breast,just had slight
pain,but i didnt bother it on tat day. The next
day mornin wen i was takin bath i saw my
nipple is half opened and there was no bleedin,it was painful wen i was wearin dress
for abt a week. And later on scar formed,no
pus,no fever and no associated symptoms. After
abt a 2 to 3 months later,i felt a mass in my
right breast,which was freely mobile,2 rupee
coin size,firm in consistency,no nipple retraction,no pus,no bleedin,no sinus,no colour
change,mass was felt not seen,no lymph node
enlargement. I was a bit tensed,but was not
feelin comfortable to show to surgeons,as then
were all male. Later on after few days,there was
no mass in my breast. And my breast was normal and soft as it is. Then i started noting the
mass in my left breast after sum weeks,tat
also gets regressed after 2 to 3 days. Then
afterwards i used to get masses in my both
breasts or sometimes in oly one breast,but it
gets regressed by its own after 2 to 3 days,automatically. Not takin any drugs. What
should i do??? I'm scared tat it might be a
fibroadenoma,but i would prefer to show it to a
female doctor,rather than a male. The mass
comes intermittently and goes by its
own,history of weight loss,even after a gud appetite. No weight gain at all,no fever,no
pain,irregular menses,uterus normal in USG. No
other major illness,history of recurrent
diarrhoea episodes in the past for 1year,every
month,lastin for one day,usually wit 3 episodes
of diarrhea,I take one tablet of loperamide,and diarrhoea stops on the same day,again after
2wks i get diarrhoea. Now i'm a final year
mbbs,and all these complaints stil
persists.intermittent breast lump.(for nearly
3.5yrs)anemia ,my hemoglobin is 10.2,normal
thyroid profile. Menarche 13yrs. LMP- july 18,2012,Irregular,7 days,clots,no pain,heavy
flow,3 to 4 pads per day. Lump presence is not associated wit my menstrual cycles. What should i do??? I want sum differential diagnosis???