As anyone can see, As I do from experience; there is no help and what a better way to go than fall asleep.

2 years ago I had $110,000 in my account. now I have nothing and no thanks to the Australian government I was forced to live on the street for six days with 2 dogs in a sports car. If it wasn't for a friend who's mother pawned her jewellery so that I could acquire my rental house, I would still be on the street. Defamed, in danger and feeling very scared.

All "so called well payed Government support groups" as I exhausted, where all okay to see me being subjected with my dilemma, failed their "duty of care" and couldn't even offer a descent healthy feed.

Yes I have made some mistakes, out of my guilt I helped too many others with too much leaving me with nothing hoping that those who promised to pay me back Didn't and still wont.

Think of all the excuses there were that everyone gives and gave. Knowone helped at the end of the day. I am in a position to repay back the $1400.00 my friend provided, when the "scum loser" who borrowed $6,000.00 off me (and now he's trying to say "he" doesn't owe me this money) pays me back.

The Government has plenty to help people like me "plenty of nothing and plenty of promises that don't exist and risks they choose to take when it suits them. Everyone wants to do plenty of talking but there is no immediate actions taken "its all too hard for them"! The Australian Government is despicable and has a lot to answer for when people do cry out for help (and its not easy chanelling into all the services. phone call after phone call and too much "sorry we cant help" well what the hell are they getting paid for?!