Around feb. or march I gained 30 lbs.My pcp did not seem all that concerned. I on the other hand am very concerned. This weight is all in my face(moon face) and stomach which is hard with no give. The facial problem is even worse. I have had medical professionals asked if I was taking steroids.Which I am not. Saw another dr. all she said in her notes were I was a was an alcoholic. The Ascites was her diagnosis.said quit drinking and it will all go away.I don't drink but maybe three times a year. She decided all this in ten minutes. and a sonogram which I was told was fine. same as my blood work which I was also told my liver is fine..My face is so swollen I bite the insides of my cheeks.I was told I look like a different person.Seems to me that the fluid could be drawn off. Thank you Blackcat.
Thank you in advance. blackcat