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What would cause intense and uncontrollable itching beneath the skin w/o rash and only on one arm?

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Momsewblessed 19 Aug 2013

It could be contact dermatitis or an allergic reaction. Did that arm come in contact with anything different before the itching started?

terrymark 19 Aug 2013

No not at all. It came out of no where and still has no rash or sign of irritation and has not spread so far but when it itches it is absolutely unbareable and no topical lotions so far give any relief.

DzooBaby 19 Aug 2013

It could be an irritated nerve. Irritated or impinged nerves don't always cause pain. Sometimes they can manifest as an itch or a burn.

smileyhappy 19 Aug 2013


I would think it is allergies! I was like that when I had seasonal allergies and also allergies to pets. Try a histamine like Aerius. Takes a few days to work into your system.

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