I have been taking Xanax for 20 yrs for general and social anxiety. I tried 7 different antidepressants and couldn't take them due to migraines before my doctor prescribed Xanax. I started at .25 mg x 3/day. Today and a few tragedies later I take 1mg x 4/day as needed. I've always been careful not to take more than what is diagnosed and usually have 30 pills out of the diagnosed 120/month left over. I have recently suffered two tragedies, one overlapping the other. I am taking my maximum dosage of 1mg x 4/day and it's like taking candy. I am suffering from withdrawal. I've tried cutting them in half and taking them more frequently throughout the day. Still, I have withdrawal symptoms of numbness mostly around my face (mouth & teeth), as well as an ongoing headache. I was already depressed due to circumstances, now I am suffering physically with ongoing withdrawal. Why has Xanax stopped working for me?