... However, the original area of pain was the cartilage near the bottom right of my rib cage. I also had a fall from about 20-22 feet when I was younger and dismissed the pain then, but aside from the costochondritis, I do believe that this has something, or a lot, to do with the pain that I experience in my back today. The pain is concentrated to a "cross" in my back. (Across the bottoms of my shoulder blades, and from the top of my spine to the middle of my lower back) I have spent countless money on x-rays, and all form of testing to no avail nor full & proper treatment. The only thing that has helped me so far, among the countless other prescriptions, and physical therapy, was the Lorcet that my Oral Surgeon prescribed me when I had my Molar removed not long ago. I am a 24 y/o male with, what I consider to be, a VERY high tolerance for pain. I have always dealt with it in my earlier youth, so I am assuming that this could be something a little more serious. I just need help in understanding what the cause of this horrible pain could be, where I can go to get this taken care of, and in the mean time, what can I do to prevent this pain from ravaging me?