I've been on ADHD medicine for as long as I can remember and I've been through Concerta, to Ritalin, to recently Adderall. I've found Adderall has been the one that works the most, I enjoyed what it did for me; it helped me become for focused and task oriented, I was happier, I was more comfortable, I maintained a steady weight; unlike the others that I've been on. Unfortunately after the new year, my insurance is dropping my prescription coverage, making my script for Adderall over $200 a month, I'm a college student, I can't afford that monthly. After going to my doctor, he gave me a list of alternatives to research. I went to different pharmacies to look at prices and all of them are quiet pricey. The cheapest one I found was around $50 and I can't change insurance. Currently I'm on Focalin, which was prescribed by accident, I was supposed to be on a Concerta alternative. While I've been on Focalin I noticed I've been a lot more emotional and angry. I also noticed that when I get home, I'm completely drained, and I do not like this. I shouldn't be drained, I used to have a lot of energy where I could work 8 hours, go to school, then go to the gym still. I don't usually stay up late either. I was looking for any other alternatives or options. Because I do not like the Focalin and from what I remember, I hated Concerta. I'm at a healthy weight, I eat healthy; I've been trying to eat Paleo if that helps any, and as I've said, I am very active. I just hate the way this medicine makes me feel.