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My insurance company is questioning the use of Glyburide at my age (72). Why??

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kaismama 1 Feb 2013

Mostly because insurance companies think they know how to practice medicine. It carries a caution in the elderly. I don't know about you, but I don't find 72 elderly. That's for those over 90, lol. I have no idea why insurance companies think they need to change a medication that has been working for the person, you'd think they'd be glad its keeping you out of the hospital. I have mine giving me fits about a med I've taken for 36 yrs, yet they think they need to question it every time I go to get it filled.

ang1049 1 Feb 2013

Maybe because the effectiveness of this drug may decrease with time.As do many diabetic meds.Also(like most oral meds. for diabetes)... may cause hypoglycemia.Especially in the elderly,or weak.Age is only a number to me!Also would mean,more office visits to check your blood and urine periodically for abnormal glucose levels.Insurance companies are protecting themselves sadly, at the cost of the patient.Just because you are 72,they are assuming... hhhmmmm,age,low blood glucose... fall.Equals lawsuit.It seems to me they want to push Insulin more and more.(Insulin is great for some people,I personally am not ready for that).So, if you measure the wrong dose or something happens,the company itself can't be held accountable.This is only my opinion.If the medication works for you,and your insurance company still continues to deny.I would pay for a generic out of pocket.You can find alot of places that would be happy to get your business.And you can get them fairly cheap.Or see if you can qualify for The Drug Assistance Program.They were very helpful to me.Good luck!!!

kaismama 1 Feb 2013

Are they trying to get people on insulin? Insulin alone won't work for type 2. All diabetic meds can cause hypoglycemia so if that is a consideration, they are nuts for sure.

ang1049 3 Feb 2013

Insulin alone does work for type 2 diabetes.I would like it better than taking another pill.But,I know everytime I use the Insulin their is weight gain at first.But it does not have the side effects of oral medications.Like the awful stomach issues.(for me,not everyone).You can use insulin alone if you choose.And you actually feel better.But you have to check your glucose more often and that means more costly test strips.And you have to be careful not to give yourself too much insulin.Then you have to deal with low blood sugar.It is a preference.And what works best for each person. free discount card

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