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What insurance companies will cover nuvigil?

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kaismama 7 Aug 2013

I can tell you that my medicare part D doesn't.

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Inactive 8 Aug 2013

I have Medicare and Aetna for drug coverage. The cost for 30 $250 mg pills was right at $180. I had to call for an authorization to continue to get refills. The rep gave me the authorization dept number so I called and they followed up by contacting my dr themselves for more info. Eventually it was authorized through the end of the year. I have since gone back to pro vigil which now has a generic version called modafinil. I fill 60 200 mg pills for $34. I had to call around and found Costco has it in stock. I had so many horrible side effects from nuvigil but I know it effects everyone differently. My dr gave me an initial coupon where my first supply of nuvigil was only $20. My insurance wouldn't allow me to use it but yours may. I believe you can find a similar coupon online that you can print out and submit to your pharmacy for approval. I hope that helps. From my experience at first I thought nuvigil was a miracle drug but then the side effects were debilitating. Good luck to you, believe me I know what you are up against. Take care.

Inactive 8 Aug 2013

I should have read over my response before posting it. Ignore the $ before the 250 mg of nuvigil. Also aetna required an authorization for modafinil. I take it for depression and hypersomnia. I received notice the day after my request for authorization that it was approved.

farmaisa 14 Aug 2013

I am in the process of getting it approved by Medicaid. will report back.

Inactive 14 Aug 2013

Please do and good luck!

Inactive 15 Jun 2014

It was too intense for me I went back to provigil still have to get my dr to approve it through Aetna. free discount card

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