I am a 23 year still in college and have been struggling with narcolepsy for years apparently, but only finally was diagnosed four months ago. With only a few more months of school left and my grades boarder line I am so frightened I will not graduate. I find myself drinking alcohol, red bull, and taking claritin d every day to stay awake to study and go to school. It is so hard to stay a wake studying especially- my symptoms have gotten worse in the last year and my studies much harder. --My problem is that I am on my parents insurance still, and the company they are with will not cover me for narcolepsy- I need to be prescribed something soon, my parents said they will pay out of pocket but there is a risk that when I go to get on my own insurance my "pre-existing" condition will not be covered- is this condition expensive is it not worth paying out of pocket the rest of my life--- should I just stick through school and wait on getting insurance so I can be sure I will be covered?? how much do the stimulants cost? Thanks to anyone with advice!