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Why do insulin users have a hard time loossing weight?

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DzooBaby 3 Jul 2013

Insulin seems to stimulate the appetite for one thing, for another, your way of converting food into glucose and the body's ability to use the glucose for energy is impaired so the body stores the glucose as fat. Most diabetics tend to be sedentary too which in turn impairs weight loss. Diabetics need to be more aggressive in weight loss attempts than non diabetics. You might consider a few sessions with a dietician to help you eat right and manage calories without hypoglycemia (which can be hard for some diabetics) and also if you can talk to a trainer in a gym who is familiar with working with diabetics for a routine to help you lose weight and build muscle. Muscle burns more calories at rest, fat doesnt so you want to increase your muscle mass rather than worry so much about weight. Muscle is heavier than fat so go by the way clothes fit more than looking at numbers for weight. You will need aerobic exercise to burn fat and resistant training to build muscle. Calorie deprivation alone will not help a diabetic lose weight. You have to exercise.

endlessPred 3 Jul 2013

Hello. My endocrinologist answered it this way. Weight stays on because many diabetics use the insulin to makeup for the cake they just had. After all, more insulin will bring sugars down. It doesn't prevent weight gain.

Diet and exercise are the key. A diabetic who is obese stays that way because they do not exercise or change eating habits. Many thin people use insulin and do not have weight gain. Look at Mary Tyler Moore for example. Thin as can be and was Type 1 diabetic. This is all about control. Blaming Medication is an illogical excuse. Five pounds may happen but a hundred and more? Bad habits. I have not gained weight by using insulin and diet control (counting carbs). So it is up to you. The most important decision is to take regular blood sugars and be careful with white sugars, white flour and lots of treats. Slowly remove from diet and eat once in awhile. Don't do it all at once or you will be miserable and fail. Talk to a dietician and get the tools you need to be successful. It isn't really complex. free discount card

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