... to control urination. It drips out almost constantly, and she sits on toilet and pees frequently. What I need to know is this from her medication(s), or from bladder problem, or heart failure? Just took her to Doc. who told her to drink MORE water, that she was dehydrated (lab test showed), and there was no urinary infection. Her medications are: Plavix 75mg, Lasix 20mg 2x day, ToprolXL 50mg once day, Nitroglycerine patch 0.3 mg, and Nitro 0.6 pill for angina. She has had some heart attacks, last was in late Dec. 2012, which caused damage to heart. Diagnosis is Systolic Heart Failure, stage D. She weighs 104 lbs. In the past a Dr. told her she has a small bladder. I tell her to contract her Kegel muscles, but she says she can't because she has had many surgeries, ie, large tumor in female area, sorry, I don't know exactly where, uterus removed, and polyps, and others but those are closest to current problem. SHE ALSO HAD A CYST IN KIDNEY AND KIDNEY disease is stage 4. Potassium is normal. Oh, another question, she belches a lot. Is that from one of the above medications, from heart failure, or from her Gerd, which she does not take her medication for that - Protonix, 40 mg, because we read the serious side effects - destroying stomach lining. Thank you