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Is there another pill I can take for insomnia besides xanax,that wont give me a hangover?

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BeYondRepair 10 Nov 2013

chulababy1822 - Xanax is not meant to be used for insomnia. There are many meds out there that are specifically for insomnia, and often used off label for other things. I suffer chronic insomnia and have for several yrs. Currently I am on Dalmane (Brand) Flurazepam (Generic). If you look this med up, it is for Chronic insomnia. I find it quite helpful, but, not as much if I use it every night. By skipping a night here and there, it works well, and I have none of the lingering sleepiness. I have no insurance, and the good thing is it is affordable. I currently pay about $12 for a 30 day supply. Had to pharmacy shop to get that price, as other pharmacies wanted as much as $35 for it. May be worth a try...

kaw06 10 Nov 2013

If you want that type of med ,ativan is shorter acting and won't cause a hangover affect usually.

lennongurl 10 Nov 2013

Trazadone works well though I notice it gave me dry mouth. I take xanax for anxiety and it doesn't help with insomnia.

HeadStarter 11 Nov 2013

I take ativan, too which works super well and with no hangover. We are all different and react differently to drugs. Talk with your doctor so you know what your options are.

Be safe, be well and take good care of you...


endlessPred 11 Nov 2013

Has your doctor suggested melatonin? It does wonders for many. It works the our inner clock. No hangover or dragging feet afterwards.

marti545 11 Nov 2013

I've taken Ambien Cr then zolpidem the generic for 5 years off and on, works really good for me, except you have to get in bed within 10 minutes, I found that out real fast!! free discount card

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