I'm curious to hear what others are struggling with when trying to either fall asleep, constantly awakening in the middle of the night, or both. Personally, the hardest thing is just going to bed and closing my eyes, however, I also wake up over and over and over. Anxiety tends to keep me up despite being completely exhausted nearly every night. I can only describe it as having a feeling that I am going to miss something, or that something is gonna happen and I won't be able to react. This happens every night, and it does't stop there. Once finally asleep, I get an hour, maybe two, and begin the cycle of constantly waking up. Sometimes it is just tossing and turning because I am so uncomfortable and wound up, other times I semi-awaken and think that I am interacting with people and things that aren't there, hypnagogia I believe it's called, which is pretty unsettling for me (entertaining for my wife). This cycle has gone on for a few years now. During vacation or holiday "off" time is when I can attemp to catch up, but its never enough to recharge the batteries. Currently my weekly routine is quite difficult. I panic more, I'm constantly confused, unfocused or daydreaming, and I lose steam by about 10 AM. Honestly the only thing that gets me going and allows me to even show up to work is the adderall for my ADHD I take when I get up in the morning. This only lasts a few hours, and has been helping less for the ADHD every day. These are my issues. Does anyone else have similar troubles, or maybe some advice that would help me? Do you have trouble sleeping, and if so, what do you have trouble with?